Thursday, February 14, 2013

Using cloth wipes as a part of your cloth diapering system

Many people have asked me about using cloth wipes. I personally have tried a few things but still have not actually switched completely over to cloth wipes. They are great and maybe one day I will switch over but for now let me help you in your start with cloth wipes. Although I hate using disposable anything I just have not fully got into full time cloth wipes. Disposables are horrible for your septic system, nasty if they get tossed in a trash can with poo on them (they just always have a stink) and if by chance they get left in a diaper (cloth) while out and you throw one in the wash with your cloth they leave sticky lint like stuff on the diaper which is no fun to try to get out. One day I hope to fully use cloth wipes. I guess the only thing holding me back is my lack of a system to using them. I can not seem to figure out

Cloth wipes are a great choice to help save you money and the environment. Something that is a great idea to add to your cloth diapering routine. There are many different ways to use cloth wipes. I used them in my wipe warmer.

A few ways to make a home made solution:

Plain water
Water and a little bit of baby soap. (This is what I did)
Water, castile soap, tea tree oil

There are many more out there these are just simple ones you could do. I hope some of you can share your solutions with us all.

Or you can buy:
Wipe solution cubes ( You can find these online try searching etsy)
Wipe solution pre-made (Also look on etsy there are many scents)

You can put this is a spray bottle and spray it on the dry wipes and just apply as you go. Or you can have a container with wipes already wet wipes in it so they are ready to go. I used my wipe warmer and poured water on top of my folded wipes till they were damp. Whenever I did this I would also have a dry wipe or unpaper towel to dry him off since I didn't want to put his diaper back on with him being damp at all.

I think that I need to give it another go and try again. Many of the stores that I have done reviews on make cloth wipes so please check them all out.

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  1. My wipes system isn't complicated. I just keep a pile of washcloths folded in my changing area and wet one in the sink when I need it. My changing table is in the bathroom so it makes it super easy. With a previous baby the changing table was in a bedroom and I just wet the washcloth in the bathroom before I went to the changing table. You could keep a container of washcloths in the bathroom. If neither of those options appeal you can just keep a squirt bottle with water on your changing table and wet each wipe as you need it. That's actually what I do when I'm out if the sink isn't handy. I just wet a washcloth with my water bottle and wipe baby. Go for it! You'll save so much money! Btw, you can just buy a 12 pack of cheap adult washcloths if you can't afford the nice wipes. They work just fine.