Friday, February 15, 2013

Lala Beans Children's Designs

Are you looking for a simple and cost effective fitted diaper that really works? I found Lala Beans Children's Designs on Etsy and thought I would give them a try on my heavy wetter. They are very well made and are microfiber with a light weight cotton knit lining, or they also have and Elite diaper, which is lined with super light moister wicking athletic fabric. The lining keeps the baby's bum safe and dry from the micro fiber. Between the lining and the microfiber there is a pocket to add an extra insert if needed. I did add an extra inset since I was using these mostly at night time with my heavy wetter. The diaper is pre-washed in Country Save soap and is ready to use. Wash as you would normal diapers and it can be put in the dryer just fine. They also make cute covers to use over the fitteds. They seem like they are super strong, durable and will last much longer than some of the other PUL covers I have bought. They also have leg gussets! Which I love. Makes sure no mess ever gets out! The cover should not be washed on a sanitize cycle or put in the dryer. It will dry if laid out at room temp usually within an hour. I do not dry any of my covers and I try to hang dry all cloth diapers. The covers have different sizes but the Wonderful fitted is OS and you will need pins or a snappy to hold them closed. 

Sizes on covers are as follows:
XS - <8 br="" nbsp="" style="line-height: 15.994318008422852px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">

S - 8-14 lbs.
M - 14-22 lbs.

L - 22-28 lbs

XL - 28-35 lbs.
The lining on the inside is super soft! 

Here you can see the extra insert I put into the pocket for extra absorbency  You can put as many as you want for those heavy wetters! The inside is so soft, and I am happy to place this on my baby's bum! 

 I love the fit! 

 Super soft and cozy! These a great option for a nighttime diaper, but also great for daytime!
 Check out the snaps on the side and the elastic all the way around on the cover! Makes a great fit on any baby!
Check out the leg gussets! I love how they hug the leg and fit so well.

 Such a cute print on the cover and back elastic makes for a perfect fit. I just love it! 

These are super absorbent, very affordable, and cute! 
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