Monday, February 25, 2013

Montana Mountain Babes

 Montana Mountain Babes is one of the cutest little shops where you can find almost anything. If you don't see something that you are looking for then you can just ask Darcy and she will probably do her best to make you what your looking for. She is a very talented women and I wish I had her shop around the corner from my home. She has such cute stuff and the quality and eco-friendly materials she uses make me want to shop even more in the shop. 

I had the honor to be able to review some fleece longies. They were so cute and soft. They fit him great. My boy has some super short legs so I did have to roll the bottoms a bit. He seemed so comfortable wearing them and I just love the print. Perfect for us since we will be moving to Florida soon. I think these will fit him for a long time and I am happy to put such a great itme on him. They truly are the softest longies we have. I had him wear them out to the store-Post office the other day and I had quite a few admirers. Once I said where they came from, a few people already knew of the store. So let me explain this since you all know I live in a very small town in Alaska, the owner of the store has family here in Alaska. I actually used to work in her sister in laws classroom at the elementary school. So many people know of Montana Mountain Babes in our town. 

 Look at how cute the print is. I just love them. They are even bell bottomie ( I know not a word) but they are so cute. They worked great both day and night and I haven't had a leak with them with his fitteds. Even when in his jumper we have not had any problems. They look and feel the same after many washes. If your looking for some great longies look no further.
The tag on the back is in the perfect spot since that is probably the only real good shot I get of my moving boy now. He doesn't sit very still for photos these days. 

Montana Mountain Babes is a great place to  have a gift registry for your upcoming baby. You can get all kinds of good stuff in her store that are all hand made in the USA by a very talented mommy. The custom items she makes are the cutest and I hope to buy a custom outfit for my boy! Maybe something special for his first birthday.

The prices are great and who doesn't love to support another WAHM!

Check out these cute birp cloths-rags! Why not have something cute in your diaper bag to pull out when needed. I love the guitars.

 Here are some cool strap covers for car seats so the straps don't dig into babies neck. Or buy some for your older kids that have booster seats to protect there necks from the seat belt.

Here is one of the baby slings she has in her shop. Very cute designs. Hats, cloths, head bands...and more!

Check out Montana Mountian Babes facebook and let her know your heard about her store from me for a entry to win a pair of longies for your baby. Enter to win below.

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  1. I love the fleece pants, the burp cloths, the lovey blankets, nursing pads, high chairs, really almost all her products :)

  2. I like the fleece longies, the fleece soakers, the guitar shirt and the fleece skirts(but I don't have girls).

  3. I really like the diaper bags.

  4. I like the Fleece Soakers, Fleece Longies and the Travel High Chairs

  5. I like her fleece longies and soakers

  6. i love the tropical fleece longies with pockets!