Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Crafty Wednesday Unpaper Towels!

I have had the joy of getting to review an item from Brenna's My Crafty Wednesday shop on Etsy.
I was just touched by her little intro about herself,

I am a stay at home momma to 2 special kids, one with extra needs, a full time college student, girl scout leader, a veteran and a military spouse. I love to create and be crafty, bringing you my hand crafted items to help provide more for my family, and help with the extra costs of my special little boy.

Whenever I read about mommas like this I just want to share their shop and help them however I can to help get more money for there extra costs with a special needs child. Any WAHM has my full support! I know how life is as a stay at home mommy and student. I am very happy to support all WAHM's!

Now for the review.....

How many times have you run out of paper towels and had to make a run to the store to buy some? Similar to diapers in my opinion, here where I live buying diapers here would make me go broke! So would paper towels! They are very exencive and I hate when I run out of them between trips to Anchorage where I can hit Costco. Some of you may know the feeling. Let me help solve that problem for you by introducing you to an amazing little thing called unpaper-towels. 
I had the opportunity to review unpaper towels made by My Crafty Wednesday. I found her unpaper towels while searching around on Etsy. One of my favorite places to shop for home made items. My Crafty Wednesday has many great items in her shop including some awesome reusable trash bags for your car! I just love the idea and have one coming to me soon to review for you all! They are super cute and help de-clutter my life. We all need one of these in our cars. Now back to the unpaper towels, they are made with terry cloth on one side, and are decorative fabrics on the opposite side. You can find prints to match your kitchen. Although the ones I got do not match my kitchen, my favorite color is green so I loved the design. They snap together so they will roll nicely on your current paper towel holder and you just unsnap and go! I had family in town for the holidays and they loved the idea, and we used a lot less waste than if we would have been using normal paper towels. I use them for drying absorbent than a normal paper towel so they can be used for bigger messes. When your done using them throw them in the waste basket and wash! Never run out of paper towels again. 

On another note, I wanted to see if they would work well as drying towels in my sons room when I use cloth wipes. They work perfect for drying my hands and his little bottom. These can truly be used for everything! They are much more affordable than buying paper towels weekly, and super cute. 

Check out some of Brenna's other items on het Etsy shop or Facebook.

She has some really cute ideas, and be sure to check out sold items in her shop! She can recreate most items!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Drammy Droopers

As all of you know I LOVE using cloth diapers on my son. I would not change making the choice to switch from disposables to cloth ever. I know many of you with little boys search for really cute diapers for your sons and many are the same things over and over again. So much cute stuff for girls but where are all the awesome boy prints? I may live in Alaska but I am a southern girl and am always looking for stuff that is cute and fits our life. One diaper print I was always searching for was John Deere. I searched online for John Deere diapers and didn't come up with much that I liked. I then decided to start searching on one of my favorite pages to find good quality made in America items. I found Drammy Droopers. I have never really gotten into the AI2 diapers before but the print and the listing of the diaper being an OS AI2 pocket made me want to give it a try.

Before I start to talk about the diaper and its performance I want to tell you that I had the best experience working with Heather, one of the owners of Drammy Droopers. I love meeting new WAHM's and I love when I actually get to build a relationship with them. Heather was so kind and I am proud to support her business and I truly hope to see her company grow because she is a wonderful person and her products all show her dedication in making a great quality product. 

After heading to the PO I was so excited to get home to open my package from Drammy Droopers. ( How many of you get excited to get new Fluff mail?) I know kind of sad that I get excited to get fluff mail but I am not ashamed. I opened my package and was very impressed to start out by the details. Small details make a HUGE difference. 

Each item was individually wrapped and closed with one of their custom Drammy Droopers stickers. This makes a huge impact on me when I see the care that is put into every package. Makes me even more happy to get new fluff. They also included instructions for care which I love since some people really do not know what they are supposed to do with new items. 

I get alot of items for review, and I also buy a lot of fluff stuff and I have to say I was very impressed with the display of the items that I received. 

As I opened up the diaper and got to looking at the design I was impressed on the softness of the Touch Tape that they use. I love the thick band and the area for cross over to fit super small babies ( although my chunker doesn't need it, it will be nice when there is a new addition in the family) I am normally a fan of snaps so I was surprised to really love the design and fit with the Touch Tape. 

Here are the two diapers that were made by Drammy Droopers. The one on the left I will get to later but the one on the right shows the inside of the John Deere diaper. (also pictured to the left) The softness is amazing! As you can see there is a snap there on the back part of the diaper which will hold one of the three inserts made by Drammy Droopers with a snap. This is why the diaper can be a pocket (you can see the opening at the top) or you can snap in the desired size soaker you think your little one needs (or do both). I love this idea. I did a long trip to Anchorage and doubled up on the inserts so we could make it longer in the car without having to stop and change a diaper. It did great when I used the large and medium size insert together.

Inside is 100% super absorbent rayon, outside is natural bamboo/cotton.
 The diaper print is so cute but it is even cuter on! The front has rise snaps to adjust to fit babies from 10-35lbs. Here is the info on the diapers directly from their Etsy shop.....

Our One Size AI2 pocket diapering system fits baby from 10-35lbs with the sizing snaps in front and additional strong and durable Touchtape on one side for a better fit for trim or smaller babies. Diaper also includes laundry tabs for safe washing. Picture of inside is of a different diaper for reference.

Materials - Outer layer is durable cotton fabric print, and inner layer is very soft and durable microfleece. No cover is needed. Middle layer is laminated long lasting high quality waterproof polyester PUL to keep moisture on the inside.

1 large super absorbent Soaker included, extras sold separately. The soaker snaps into fitted diapering system for light to medium wetters, or along with one soaker being snapped in, another can be inserted into pocket located at the back for those heavy wetters. Soakers outer soft layer is made from Organic bamboo cotton.

These are hand made in the USA, and come from a smoke free pet loving home...

 The diaper fits great, feels great and everything about them I love. My husband loves the print as well and how easy it is to use, but he is a huge fan of snaps. So I asked Heather if they made any diapers in snaps. She quickly answered that with a yes! I was so excited by this and then she added to my excitement by telling me she just found a USCG print! I've looked everywhere for a CG print and this has been hard to find. She said she could always do custom diapers with snaps on request! I HAD TO HAVE IT! I know many of you have had that feeling about a diaper!? Okay, maybe not but I am going to pretend you have.

USCG Custom snap design OS diaper by Drammy Droopers

The pocket and snap area is a bit different on this diaper which I love. Still super soft and a perfect fit on my LO. 

 Below are a few more pictures of the USCG diaper and how the snap in insert works with the design. This snap design also has cross over snap design to fit super smaller babies as the Touch Tape on the farmer diaper.

Overall I give Drammy Droopers diapers two thumbs up! I would give them more if I had more thumbs. Heather is so wonderful and I am so happy to have met her. Check out all the items by Drammy Droopers on Etsy and on FB

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bum E Kins

After many many mornings waking up to wet sheets started to research alternatives to just stuffing a million inserts into my sons pocket diapers. I found fleece covers. Then I got to thinking these would also be awesome to have him wear during the day so his clothes don't get sucked up into the diaper and soak him. I was pointed in the direction by some other cloth mommies on a B/S/T page and by a WAHM page on Facebook to Bum E Kins. I got into contact with Heather the owner or Bum E Kins and asked her if she would be willing to have me test out one of her covers to see how they would hold up to my heavy wetter. I was very impressed with the professionalism from her and am very happy with the service I received  I got to pick my choice of prints (Thomas the Train, and Polar Bears) I just love how cute they both are on my little boy.They are super soft, and fit him like a glove. The custom made to order soakers are the way to go. I have a few others that are just done by sizes S, M, L, XL and my little man seems to be just between a large an XL. So having someone make something specifically to fit my son was an added bonus of the cute prints. The price is hard to beat since they are custom made to size, but generally speaking prices range from $7.00-$12.00 with a shipping fee of $3.00 for US customers. If you are outside the US additional fees may apply. Not bad for a custom made fleece cover that really works! Heather does such a good job and supporting another WAHM while giving my little man a soft, cute, breathable option over his fitteds makes me a very happy momma! 

Now how did they stand up to the heavy wetter!?
I first had him wear them during the day, this test was absolutely no problem with the soakers with the extra layer of fleece sewn into the wet zone. I had him wear them when I put him in his jumper. No problem! With the fleece soakers from Bum E Kins his pants didn't get caught up in his diaper! The next test was in the car seat, and not just for a short little ride, I tested them by having him wear them on a 7 hour drive to Anchorage. They passed the test! My last and final test was to see if they would hold up over night with my heavy wetter, he sleeps 12 hours or more with his fleece on so this was the REAL test. I was a little scared I must admit, not much works for us at night but by morning I was excited to see that I had no wet sheets. I co-sleep with my son and he is 7 months old now, so when I have to change sheets on my bed every morning it is NO fun! Up until last week we only had one set of sheets so this had to stop. I am happy to say that Heathers design fit our needs and would definitively recommend anyone wanting to try out fleece to give Bum E Kins a try. 

A little bit behind Bum E Kins-
Heather is a mommy herself and started to make fleece covers for her little girl after seeing the rising costs of cloth and how much it costed for her to get custom covers made for her little girl. She had friends ask her to make them some, and she asked them for their opinion. They all gave her positive feedback on them and all thought she should start to make them and sell them to other mommas so they could get a good deal on something made just for their babies. She wanted more opinions from people she doesn't know to make sure that this is something she should really take into consideration  Well all thumbs up and she went live with the FB page to sell fleece covers. She has since started making other items that I have to say I am tempted to be on her testers group since they all look like great quality and super cute! She currently makes fleece covers, fleece longies, wool soakers and longies (which she will even lanolize them for you for an additional cost!). 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! You can email Heather directly at

Or check out Bum E Kins FB page! 

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