Wednesday, March 27, 2013

K.I. Baby Blues

Another adventure into the wool world!
I got to review a wool cover by K.I. Baby Blues and I can tell you it was just as awesome as my first time trying wool. Read a little about Heather Mills the seamstress behind the great designs.
 Hi, I'm Heather Mills of K.I. Baby Blues. My husband and I have 3 kids. Two girls who
are 13 and 11 and one sweet boy who is 1year old this week. I was a working single
mom for 7-1/2 years before we got married and when we had Ki, we really felt that I
should stay home with him which nearly cut our income in half. We knew that God
would provide for our needs and I prayed for how He would use me in that process. At
first, we chose to cloth diaper so that we could save some money and then I started
sewing. I offered to make fleece covers for some ladies on Facebook and then began
to get more requests.
We named the business after the baby, because it has truly been inspired by him:
Ki Inspired Baby Blues. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve others and my
plan is to begin donating covers to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, as an outreach to other
Mamas who are in need.

The wool soaker she sent to me had a nice thick waste band ( which I had the option for a smaller one but since most of the fitteds he wears are so huge I choose a larger waste to ensure it will cover all the way up) The design is perfect and fits really well on my little one. He has chunky legs and these are so perfect around the legs. These seem nice and thick while still being breathable so he doesn't seem to get hot in them. They stood up to my heavy wetter at night and I would recommend them to anyone for any time of day use. If your looking for a night time solution TRY them! They are going to repel and keep the pee from getting on the sheets or their clothes. I loved using wool after exclusively using fleece only. They are the only thing that doesn't hold a stinky smell like other items. I hate the ammonia smell that a lot of fleece and covers seem to give. 
 Look at how these fit him. He moves around a lot so I cant get great shots but they fit so nice and he seems to like how they fit. Great for days or nights. 

 Heather really knows her stuff and I am very happy I got to try out these wool covers. I was very scared to try wool so she helped me see the light into to wool world.
My big booty baby and chunky legs but the fit is so nice. I hope to see Heather's business continue to grow. The quality or the work she does is so nice and you can see she really does know what she is doing. With each cover made to order you will know you are getting an item that will fit your baby perfectly. Check out her FB page and leave her some love and appreciation for having a giveaway on the blog!
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cherry Blossom Babies

Cherry Blossom Babies makes some of the cutest diapers! One of my hubbies favorites might I add. Mostly due to the adorable sports Auburn print. His favorite collage football team. Check out my review on the AI2 OS diaper!
Now let me tell you about my horrible mistake! I gave her the wrong address when she contacted me about sending the diaper to me for the review. This is due to my mommy brain. I think we all have it from time to time. But I have been know to have slight dyslexia, mostly numbers which is what happened in this case 99686- is not 96686. You all know I live in Alaska. The other zip code is an APO which is not in the US apparently  So we were not sure if it was ever going to make it to me. Just when I was about to give up hope which made me feel so terrible it showed up.

Some awesome design features include;
Cross over snaps to ensure a great fit for smaller babies. 

Fold over rise for adjusting the size. I only have tried a few diapers with this feature and I have to say it seems to work just fine. I have not had any issues with it.
Trifold snap in insert.Made of organic bamboo so it is super soft. I really love that she added a snap to this. It makes it so it does not move around and get messed up on a wiggly baby. I even had it on him for over three hours of play-jumper-walker time and no leaks and the insert did not move. It is so soft and feels even softer after washing. 

 Ruffle along the legs, so cute on and doesn't leave red marks around the legs.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a diaper. You know the cross over tabs that seem to leave marks in babies once they are not in use and and hitting the side of the hip area? Well these super soft snap on covers help make the diaper even more comfortable. This is such a cool feature. 


 These diapers fit so well around my chunky mans legs. I just love the fit, even when hes crawling all over the place they seem to fit so nice. 

They are well made with hidden PUL which allows for much more print options. This is just going to be awesome for football season! I hope AU does a bit better this year :)
Now just a little about Cherry Blossom Babies like many WAHM's we start into the world of cloth and search and search for a good fit for our babies. I know that I have done the same thing. Finding alot that work and alot that don't. It seems like most WAHM diapers fit much better than those by the mass production companies. Anyways, Kelly started to make diapers for her daughter, after trying to make diapers she had two she made that didn't quite work the way she wanted. She wanted them to work well for night and naps. After tweaking the design about six diapers later Kelly made what is her current diaper. Her daughter sported the new diapers and her husband noticed new diapers. He asked where they came from and she said she made them, he was surprised and was even more shocked that she wasn't having any leaks. Then after using them for a while he suggested she should sell them. That is how Cherry Blossom Babies was born. 

I have nothing negative to say about this diaper. I had it on my son for nap time, day time, and traveling and it held up very well. The OS AI2 diaper is awesome and you should definitely think about giving it a try. I have not used this one at night time yet-but I am sure it will do just fine. The trifold lay in bamboo should hold up really well for over night use. 

Please do check out her page on Facebook and her hyena cart! Show her some love and support when stopping by her page and thank her for being apart of the blog and giveaway!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Gumstone teether

How many of you have read about amber teething necklaces and thought there is no way I am spending that kind of money on a necklace, I am sure it wouldn't work? Well I would like you to re-think that thought. I myself thought there is no way that a necklace-stone can make a difference  I first thought why would I have my baby chew on a necklace? He could choke? I'm sure many of you that don't know what these are hear teething necklace and think they would chew on it. Well trust me they are not intended for that. AND THEY WORK!

These necklaces are so beautiful and they are manly enough for my boy to sport. I swear one day after he started wearing his necklace he stopped drooling! I mean we had to have bibs on him all day long and change them every hour. I no longer have to do that and he does not seem to chew on everything he gets in his hands now. Don't get me wrong he still sticks everything in his mouth but it doesn't seem to be for chewing like his teeth hurt. I would definitively recommend for any baby to wear these. Please do read the information about the necklaces in Gumstone's Etsy shop. 

Round shape amber teething necklace for babies
Length of necklace is 13 inches (32-33 cm)

Dear mum and dad, amber teething jewelry is made for wearing not chewing. As with anything else children should be supervised at all times when wearing jewelry and it has to be removed whenever a child is sleeping or unattended! 

An amber teething necklace is made from Genuine Baltic amber, an organic substance-fossil resin that was produced under natural conditions at least 45 million years ago. The unique substance of amber has anti-inflammatory properties which can be absorbed when it is worn against the skin. Hence, teething necklaces which soothe a child naturally when he or she suffers from teething pain.

The actual practice of making amber amulets for children and adults is ancient history. Traditionally, amulets were carved into various shapes and were worn to ward off evil spirits – or just plain bad luck. It’s also a very strong possibility that because these amulets also reduced inflammation and discomfort for their wearers.

Currently, there are two different thoughts as to why wearing amber on the skin can have soothing and calming effects on teething children. One thought suggests that when amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases miniscule amounts of healing oils from amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. The other theory is based on scientific findings which have shown that amber is electromagnetically alive and produces significant amounts of organic, purely natural energy.

I am very impressed and I will continue to use this necklace on my baby boy and probably on future children. I also would like to mention that you can put this on as an anklet and then put a sock over it so they don't even know that its there. I had to do this a few times when i noticed he really wouldn't stop playing with it. Would you like to win one of these awesome necklaces? Enter below! 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seren's Song wool longies

Seren's Song 

Seren's song wool longies are my first wool I have ever owned. To be honest I was scared to death to try wool. Fleece has been so super simple so I was nervous to try wool. I am still scared to death that they are going to be thrown in the wash by mistake. But I was am so impressed with Tanya's designs and how soft these are. 

Look at the design on the bum. I cannot say enough that these fit our family. If you don't know much about me and my family let me tell you first we live in Alaska. We have mountains surrounding the entire town so out of whatever window I look out I see huge beautiful mountains. The moose fits Alaska perfect and we love seeing them when out. They are some awesome wild animals. I could tell you so many stories of moose encounters in my four years of living up here in AK but thats can be saved for another post. 

The wool is so soft and fits so nicely. He seems so comfortable in them and he never wakes up wet in the morning. I have a heavy wetter and he cannot go without some sort of cover. The other thing I love about them is they are so breathable and there's never any stinky smell on them from the diaper over night. 

Sorry that the pictures are not the greatest but I hope you can see how great these up-cycled longies are. You can have her make any design for you but she loves to be creative and design something by listening a little about you. I didnt ask for this design but when it arrived I was so happy with what she came up with for us. The page is named after her daughter which has had a ruff start that any mom would never want for their baby. At seven months old they had to take Seren into the hospital where she was admitted for pertussis. She was in the hospital for 12 days! As any mom would, Tanya sat by her babies side and watched as her child struggled to breathe. I couldn't imagine this. I would probably not sleep the entire time. On top of struggling for her life the doctors notified Tanya that her baby has central sleep apnea. My husband has sleep apnea and sleeps with a mask on so I know this must be a huge struggle for a baby. They are in hopes that her brain has developed enough now to take her off medication for this. I pray for her to grow out of this, I never like hearing about the daily struggles of families, makes me not be so upset about my son still sleeping with us, or him nursing every two hours still! I just want all babies to be happy and healthy. Tanya started to make things for her child first and now is making things for all of us to enjoy. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and maybe buy some awesome wool longies from her shop! :)

Want to win a pair for your LO? Enter below....and check out her FB page!

Also if you need directions on how to take care of your wool check out this link.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Toris Tushies

Toris Tushies has some great quality diapers and wipes. I was honored to be able to review one of her diapers. Most of which are one of a kind. She doesn’t make multiples of one print unless requested by someone. This is so cool to me. I love that my diaper is the only one out there. Although if someone loves it I don’t mind that she makes more of them. Just a unique feature to her pocket diapers. The diaper she sent me is a pocket diaper that is a Saint Patrick’s day print. Perfect for this time of year, and so cute for pictures of my little one for his first St. Patttys day. ( I was tempted to bring out the Guinness hat of my hubbys but I don’t think beer and babies is the best thing to show off) but I thought about it. ;)
So her diaper has the hidden PUL which I love, and the outside minky is so soft, my son loves to play with the soft part on the diaper. I love putting soft stuff on my baby. The quality of the diaper is great and I love the insert she has made it is much trimmer than most others but seems to do just fine at holding up for a few hours with my boy.
I love when I find a mom who changed from disposables to cloth but took the change a step further by learning to make diapers themselves. I too have wanted to make diapers but I am just learning to sew a straight line first. 

Victoria started to make diapers by starting with a simple pattern that was a sized pattern, which took her several try’s to find the right pattern she liked for a good fit on her son. After finding the right pattern she started to make one sized diapers with snaps. She turned out to love making them and was really great at doing so. She started to talk about her new skills in a mommies group she was apart of and how cool it would be to sell them one day and several people wanted to be testers for her. She jumped on the opportunity and only had to make a few small tweeks and she now has a full blown store that has become very successful thus far.

I think she will do great in the diaper making industry and if you have a specific diaper print your looking for contact Toris Tushies and she will probably make it happen for you. I give the diaper two thumbs up and I am sure you will too. If you love pockets give Toris Tushies a try! Enter to win one below!