Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seren's Song wool longies

Seren's Song 

Seren's song wool longies are my first wool I have ever owned. To be honest I was scared to death to try wool. Fleece has been so super simple so I was nervous to try wool. I am still scared to death that they are going to be thrown in the wash by mistake. But I was am so impressed with Tanya's designs and how soft these are. 

Look at the design on the bum. I cannot say enough that these fit our family. If you don't know much about me and my family let me tell you first we live in Alaska. We have mountains surrounding the entire town so out of whatever window I look out I see huge beautiful mountains. The moose fits Alaska perfect and we love seeing them when out. They are some awesome wild animals. I could tell you so many stories of moose encounters in my four years of living up here in AK but thats can be saved for another post. 

The wool is so soft and fits so nicely. He seems so comfortable in them and he never wakes up wet in the morning. I have a heavy wetter and he cannot go without some sort of cover. The other thing I love about them is they are so breathable and there's never any stinky smell on them from the diaper over night. 

Sorry that the pictures are not the greatest but I hope you can see how great these up-cycled longies are. You can have her make any design for you but she loves to be creative and design something by listening a little about you. I didnt ask for this design but when it arrived I was so happy with what she came up with for us. The page is named after her daughter which has had a ruff start that any mom would never want for their baby. At seven months old they had to take Seren into the hospital where she was admitted for pertussis. She was in the hospital for 12 days! As any mom would, Tanya sat by her babies side and watched as her child struggled to breathe. I couldn't imagine this. I would probably not sleep the entire time. On top of struggling for her life the doctors notified Tanya that her baby has central sleep apnea. My husband has sleep apnea and sleeps with a mask on so I know this must be a huge struggle for a baby. They are in hopes that her brain has developed enough now to take her off medication for this. I pray for her to grow out of this, I never like hearing about the daily struggles of families, makes me not be so upset about my son still sleeping with us, or him nursing every two hours still! I just want all babies to be happy and healthy. Tanya started to make things for her child first and now is making things for all of us to enjoy. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and maybe buy some awesome wool longies from her shop! :)

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Also if you need directions on how to take care of your wool check out this link.

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  1. to fit our family, the design should be cheerful, natural, laid back. :)

  2. we love really earthy colors/patterns, and love things to be gender neutral!