Monday, February 25, 2013

Montana Mountain Babes

 Montana Mountain Babes is one of the cutest little shops where you can find almost anything. If you don't see something that you are looking for then you can just ask Darcy and she will probably do her best to make you what your looking for. She is a very talented women and I wish I had her shop around the corner from my home. She has such cute stuff and the quality and eco-friendly materials she uses make me want to shop even more in the shop. 

I had the honor to be able to review some fleece longies. They were so cute and soft. They fit him great. My boy has some super short legs so I did have to roll the bottoms a bit. He seemed so comfortable wearing them and I just love the print. Perfect for us since we will be moving to Florida soon. I think these will fit him for a long time and I am happy to put such a great itme on him. They truly are the softest longies we have. I had him wear them out to the store-Post office the other day and I had quite a few admirers. Once I said where they came from, a few people already knew of the store. So let me explain this since you all know I live in a very small town in Alaska, the owner of the store has family here in Alaska. I actually used to work in her sister in laws classroom at the elementary school. So many people know of Montana Mountain Babes in our town. 

 Look at how cute the print is. I just love them. They are even bell bottomie ( I know not a word) but they are so cute. They worked great both day and night and I haven't had a leak with them with his fitteds. Even when in his jumper we have not had any problems. They look and feel the same after many washes. If your looking for some great longies look no further.
The tag on the back is in the perfect spot since that is probably the only real good shot I get of my moving boy now. He doesn't sit very still for photos these days. 

Montana Mountain Babes is a great place to  have a gift registry for your upcoming baby. You can get all kinds of good stuff in her store that are all hand made in the USA by a very talented mommy. The custom items she makes are the cutest and I hope to buy a custom outfit for my boy! Maybe something special for his first birthday.

The prices are great and who doesn't love to support another WAHM!

Check out these cute birp cloths-rags! Why not have something cute in your diaper bag to pull out when needed. I love the guitars.

 Here are some cool strap covers for car seats so the straps don't dig into babies neck. Or buy some for your older kids that have booster seats to protect there necks from the seat belt.

Here is one of the baby slings she has in her shop. Very cute designs. Hats, cloths, head bands...and more!

Check out Montana Mountian Babes facebook and let her know your heard about her store from me for a entry to win a pair of longies for your baby. Enter to win below.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adrianna Knits

Adrianna Knits is one of those shops that you could probably ask Adrianna to make you just about anything you could think of.  Just read the about section from her shop and you can see she would be an awesome choice to have her make just about anything for your little one.


Welcome to AdriannaKnits. Your place for anything you can imagine. If you need something special and your not sure who can do it? I'm the person to turn to!

I have been crocheting for 24 years now and knitting for a little over 10. Crocheting is by far my strong suit, but knitting isn't far behind. I can see anything in my head and everything I make is 100% designed by me. No patterns needed.

I have recently introduced diapers to my line. Again all diapers are made by me without patterns! If I need a pattern I design it! I've been making diapers for almost 3 years now, but just recently have gotten into selling them. Check them out.

When I first contacted her I asked her about the converted unbleached prefold fitted she has advertised  I have heard of people making these before but never had seen one in person. I hate prefolds for the simple fact that I dont like trying to get it on correct with a wiggly baby and snappys. So she solves this issue by having snaps. So I asked to review her items. She made me one and also sent some fleece longies to go with them. They fit awesome. Also can I mention I didn't even give her measurements for the longies and they fit my son perfect.

Theres cross over snaps for a smaller fit.

Rise settings to adjust to your babies needs.

Look how trim these are. Not bulky and no snappys needed!!!

These were made with no measurements from me. She only knew his weight and age. True tallent.

I was surprised on how much I love the fitted. They are soft, and fit very trim compared to most other fitteds and they are excellently put together. I just love them. Heres the info from her Etsy shop. 

Love prefolds, hate the snappis and stuffing?

Well here's something for you, converted prefolds.

These diapers are made from one large premium unbleached Indian prefold. At this time bleached will be in another listing.

Sizes are based on colors.

Medium has green stitching and measures approx 16x16(contoured legs)(12-17lbs)
Large has red stitching and measures approx 18x18 (contoured legs)(16-30lbs)

Medium and Large have extended tabs, they have elastic backs, and elastic through the legs. Has one row of snaps and a crossover tab to fit those skinnier babies.

Because it is made from a prefold it does require a cover and will need an additional booster for more absorbency. This listing does include an additional prefold booster than can be sewn in or snap in, please indicate at check out.

Unbleached is all that is available for this listing. Please search my shop for the bleached listing.

Please remember this is made to order which means it can take up to a week to ship.

Prefolds have been washed at least 2x in hot water and dried to shrink them up.

 Then after getting to review these items we both got to talking and since I am a photographer I asked if she would want to do some props for me. I found out she does everything without patterns and wow was she spot on. She sent me a newborn turtle set and a thing one and two set. I am so impressed by her and hope to get to work with her more. The quality really shows in everything that she makes and I love that she is talented enough to do things without a pattern. Truly a talented women. I don't know anyone who can honestly do that. If your looking for newborn or any other hat or prop ANYTHING you can ask Adrianna Cooper and she I'm sure could make it happen for you!

Want to try one of the diapers out!? Enter to win one below!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lala Beans Children's Designs

Are you looking for a simple and cost effective fitted diaper that really works? I found Lala Beans Children's Designs on Etsy and thought I would give them a try on my heavy wetter. They are very well made and are microfiber with a light weight cotton knit lining, or they also have and Elite diaper, which is lined with super light moister wicking athletic fabric. The lining keeps the baby's bum safe and dry from the micro fiber. Between the lining and the microfiber there is a pocket to add an extra insert if needed. I did add an extra inset since I was using these mostly at night time with my heavy wetter. The diaper is pre-washed in Country Save soap and is ready to use. Wash as you would normal diapers and it can be put in the dryer just fine. They also make cute covers to use over the fitteds. They seem like they are super strong, durable and will last much longer than some of the other PUL covers I have bought. They also have leg gussets! Which I love. Makes sure no mess ever gets out! The cover should not be washed on a sanitize cycle or put in the dryer. It will dry if laid out at room temp usually within an hour. I do not dry any of my covers and I try to hang dry all cloth diapers. The covers have different sizes but the Wonderful fitted is OS and you will need pins or a snappy to hold them closed. 

Sizes on covers are as follows:
XS - <8 br="" nbsp="" style="line-height: 15.994318008422852px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">

S - 8-14 lbs.
M - 14-22 lbs.

L - 22-28 lbs

XL - 28-35 lbs.
The lining on the inside is super soft! 

Here you can see the extra insert I put into the pocket for extra absorbency  You can put as many as you want for those heavy wetters! The inside is so soft, and I am happy to place this on my baby's bum! 

 I love the fit! 

 Super soft and cozy! These a great option for a nighttime diaper, but also great for daytime!
 Check out the snaps on the side and the elastic all the way around on the cover! Makes a great fit on any baby!
Check out the leg gussets! I love how they hug the leg and fit so well.

 Such a cute print on the cover and back elastic makes for a perfect fit. I just love it! 

These are super absorbent, very affordable, and cute! 
Want a chance to win one to try for yourself!? Enter below or check out their shop !

Check out their shop on Etsy:

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Using cloth wipes as a part of your cloth diapering system

Many people have asked me about using cloth wipes. I personally have tried a few things but still have not actually switched completely over to cloth wipes. They are great and maybe one day I will switch over but for now let me help you in your start with cloth wipes. Although I hate using disposable anything I just have not fully got into full time cloth wipes. Disposables are horrible for your septic system, nasty if they get tossed in a trash can with poo on them (they just always have a stink) and if by chance they get left in a diaper (cloth) while out and you throw one in the wash with your cloth they leave sticky lint like stuff on the diaper which is no fun to try to get out. One day I hope to fully use cloth wipes. I guess the only thing holding me back is my lack of a system to using them. I can not seem to figure out

Cloth wipes are a great choice to help save you money and the environment. Something that is a great idea to add to your cloth diapering routine. There are many different ways to use cloth wipes. I used them in my wipe warmer.

A few ways to make a home made solution:

Plain water
Water and a little bit of baby soap. (This is what I did)
Water, castile soap, tea tree oil

There are many more out there these are just simple ones you could do. I hope some of you can share your solutions with us all.

Or you can buy:
Wipe solution cubes ( You can find these online try searching etsy)
Wipe solution pre-made (Also look on etsy there are many scents)

You can put this is a spray bottle and spray it on the dry wipes and just apply as you go. Or you can have a container with wipes already wet wipes in it so they are ready to go. I used my wipe warmer and poured water on top of my folded wipes till they were damp. Whenever I did this I would also have a dry wipe or unpaper towel to dry him off since I didn't want to put his diaper back on with him being damp at all.

I think that I need to give it another go and try again. Many of the stores that I have done reviews on make cloth wipes so please check them all out.

Above Bums The Word Diapers

Above Drammy Droopers-

Above Toris Tushies-

Check them all out! They all do awesome work, or just enter to win some GN ones pictured above by Bums The Word Diaper!

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