Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adrianna Knits

Adrianna Knits is one of those shops that you could probably ask Adrianna to make you just about anything you could think of.  Just read the about section from her shop and you can see she would be an awesome choice to have her make just about anything for your little one.


Welcome to AdriannaKnits. Your place for anything you can imagine. If you need something special and your not sure who can do it? I'm the person to turn to!

I have been crocheting for 24 years now and knitting for a little over 10. Crocheting is by far my strong suit, but knitting isn't far behind. I can see anything in my head and everything I make is 100% designed by me. No patterns needed.

I have recently introduced diapers to my line. Again all diapers are made by me without patterns! If I need a pattern I design it! I've been making diapers for almost 3 years now, but just recently have gotten into selling them. Check them out.

When I first contacted her I asked her about the converted unbleached prefold fitted she has advertised  I have heard of people making these before but never had seen one in person. I hate prefolds for the simple fact that I dont like trying to get it on correct with a wiggly baby and snappys. So she solves this issue by having snaps. So I asked to review her items. She made me one and also sent some fleece longies to go with them. They fit awesome. Also can I mention I didn't even give her measurements for the longies and they fit my son perfect.

Theres cross over snaps for a smaller fit.

Rise settings to adjust to your babies needs.

Look how trim these are. Not bulky and no snappys needed!!!

These were made with no measurements from me. She only knew his weight and age. True tallent.

I was surprised on how much I love the fitted. They are soft, and fit very trim compared to most other fitteds and they are excellently put together. I just love them. Heres the info from her Etsy shop. 

Love prefolds, hate the snappis and stuffing?

Well here's something for you, converted prefolds.

These diapers are made from one large premium unbleached Indian prefold. At this time bleached will be in another listing.

Sizes are based on colors.

Medium has green stitching and measures approx 16x16(contoured legs)(12-17lbs)
Large has red stitching and measures approx 18x18 (contoured legs)(16-30lbs)

Medium and Large have extended tabs, they have elastic backs, and elastic through the legs. Has one row of snaps and a crossover tab to fit those skinnier babies.

Because it is made from a prefold it does require a cover and will need an additional booster for more absorbency. This listing does include an additional prefold booster than can be sewn in or snap in, please indicate at check out.

Unbleached is all that is available for this listing. Please search my shop for the bleached listing.

Please remember this is made to order which means it can take up to a week to ship.

Prefolds have been washed at least 2x in hot water and dried to shrink them up.

 Then after getting to review these items we both got to talking and since I am a photographer I asked if she would want to do some props for me. I found out she does everything without patterns and wow was she spot on. She sent me a newborn turtle set and a thing one and two set. I am so impressed by her and hope to get to work with her more. The quality really shows in everything that she makes and I love that she is talented enough to do things without a pattern. Truly a talented women. I don't know anyone who can honestly do that. If your looking for newborn or any other hat or prop ANYTHING you can ask Adrianna Cooper and she I'm sure could make it happen for you!

Want to try one of the diapers out!? Enter to win one below!

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  1. I agree Adrianna is by far the best!!!! :)

    I have some of her fleece longies, bleached and I bleached converted prefolds, a knitted baby hat, and some nb dipes with trifold inserts. Beautiful beautiful work!!! They never leak and I alway get the perfect fit. She is truly talented and amazing!!!