Saturday, December 29, 2012

JCtrade Cartoon Diapers

I know that when I first started to use cloth the first thing that caught my eye was prints. Who doesn't want cute little fluff on their babies bottom?

Many places offer different prints and styles but JCtrade Cartoon diapers get a lot of attention because the prints and price. You can order in bulk and get diapers from $3.50-$5.00. The problem is they come from another country. Making shipping costly and sometimes hard to get them in a reasonable time. Sometimes you can wait months for the diapers to show up at your door. Many people choose to join a co-op group to order and that way they can get a lower price but not have to buy so many diapers. If you don't mind to wait for an order to be filled and shipped. I myself have a few of them because of the cute prints. I for instance own a Nemo, Superman, and Lorax. They are very cute prints and that I cannot deny. The quality of the diaper itself does not seem to hold up as well as many other diapers I have used, but as they say, "You get what you pay for." If your using these in a large rotation of diapers than I would see no problem in them holding up for a few years or maybe more. I would not say I would make these my all time go to diaper. The inners are super soft, and are very easy to stuff. They are a OS diaper that should fit your baby for most of their diapering years. Size wise I would say they start around 10 pounds and range up to 30. Although they say they should fit 6.5lbs-28lbs. I find them a bit bigger though. They have hip snaps which stop wing drooping, PUL outer, and soft Micro Fleece Cloth interior. Overall, not a bad diaper for the price if you are in no big rush to get them!

Want to win one ( you have to pay $3.00 shipping since they shipped the samples to me) then head over to the Giveaways tab and enter to win!



  1. I don't have one yet, but I like the Dr. Suess prints.

  2. I cant find their website, but dr suez sounds good to me. I don't have one yet

  3. so cute! dont have but anything superhero would go over big here

  4. I love these and I experienced that when I bought in the form of a co-op I got ripped of major, I was the co-op organizer, through a contact that said they were distributors. Lost like $800 and NO delivery!

    A momma's worse nightmare as I would also not get paid for the orders placed.

    I learned my lesson, did my homework and now have my own online store. I offer FREE 7-12 day delivery to the USA from $30 and you can chose which ever print you like. Our store is at